Next Level Leaders Seminar


June & October Programs
Every Monday | 1:00 - 4:00 pm EDT

Leadership Defined

While agreeing on a definition of leadership, we will explore concepts from classic leadership thought leaders along with contemporary cases and current events.

Apply Your Whole Self

Embrace the fact that everyone’s natural talents and limitations ultimately contribute to the well-being of the team. Understand your communication style, driving forces, and natural talents, and develop a strategy for areas of improvement.

Own Your Own Path (Accountability)

Being accountable and holding others accountable are absolute requirements of leadership. This session differentiates and explores personal, peer, and team accountability, and provides tools for each. Keystone habits are developed and agreed upon, and participants develop their own path to accountability for each level.

Solving Real Problems

Learn how to stop wasting time on things that don’t matter, so you can fix what is actually broken. After exploring best-in-class approaches to problem identification and solution models, participants will apply both to specific challenges in their specific workplaces.

Candor with Respect

This session explores how to have difficult conversations and communicate with equal measures of clarity and kindness. Participants learn a conflict resolution model through case study and role play, preparing them to be able to directly apply the knowledge in their workplace.

Immerse in the Learn & Apply Model

This model provides the structure and experience of cementing new learnings by using them in real world scenarios. Participants will understand how to transfer knowledge and learning in their organization all the way to the front line, then develop a plan and strategy for applying what they have learned appropriately in their respective organizations.

Go Inward Daily

Improve decision making by devoting time each day to reflect and listen. This proven leadership technique applies to a leader’s personal life as well as work responsibilities.

Balance Head and Heart

Learn how to blend data and intuition to make better leadership decisions. Superior decision making is the result of striking the balance of what you know and how you feel. Participants will explore their own leadership competency hierarchy, understand their stance on the analytical-instinctive continuum, and fine-tune their decision-making skills through exercises and a contemporary case study.

Reaching the Next Level

The past sessions all come together as the participants will develop a forward path for their personal leadership journey. This includes presenting their own Personal Leadership Philosophy, learning tools for continuous learning, and understanding best practices for mentoring.