September 29-October 1, 2021

Chicago, IL

Help your high potential new and middle managers develop their leadership potential...

Chief Executive Network is proud to introduce the Next Level Leaders Seminar. Join us for a 3-day intensive leadership training where Next Level Leaders immerse themselves in a leadership curriculum where they learn about themselves as leaders, and develop their own personal leadership philosophy. 


Develop your own leadership philosophy

Leaders are not trained, they are developed, and that starts with you! Giving yourself the chance to learn about yourself and who you want to be as a leader, will enable you to discover and develop your unique leadership philosophy.

Improve decision making ability

Learn to focus on what is important, not expedient, and how to balance your head and heart to make the best possible decisions at the right times.

Develop your communication skills

Understanding how you communicate and ways you can be more effective will allow you to influence individuals and teams with candor, respect, and authenticity, leading to greater impact and results.

Be ready to apply what you have learned

Being with other developing leaders, you experience case-studies and role playing exercises that give you the confidence to use what you have learned back at your workplace, continuing your leadership development.


Mark Debinski

President, Bluewater Advisory & Bluewater Search
Author, The Hiring Compass
Certified Stages of Growth / Growth Curve Strategist; Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst

Lindsey Weigle

Partner, Bluewater Advisory
Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst; Certified Professional Values Analyst


Chicago Airport Hilton Hotel

O’Hare International Airport, 10000 W, Ave, Chicago, IL 60666

It's Only the Beginning...

The next steps in your leadership development only begins here. Find out more about the entire Next Level Leadership Program including executive coaching, peer meetings, Leadership Conference and what it means for you.


Please feel free to contact Rob Grabill at rob@chiefexec.com or at 201-323-3716.

Help your high potential new and middle managers develop their leadership potential!